A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting DML WhatsApp Integration with Go High Level Sub Accounts


In this blog post, we will delve into the details of a video by George Tools that demonstrates the process of connecting DML WhatsApp Integration with Go High Level sub accounts for clients.

By following the step-by-step instructions provided in the video, users can seamlessly integrate these two platforms and start Doubling their Leads. So, let’s dive in and explore how to achieve this connection.

Creating Sub Accounts

To begin, navigate to the admin panel where you can create client accounts. In this demonstration, a $97 plan account is used, which enables you to create up to three accounts. By entering the required information, such as the client’s name and three WhatsApp contacts, you can swiftly create a sub account for each client.

Connecting with Go High Level

Once the sub accounts are created, you can disable and enable their access to your WhatsApp service and Go High Level account from your own control panel.

By copying the generated link and providing it to your client, they will gain exclusive access to their sub-account connection without being able to access the admin panel.

The next step is to connect your client Sub Account. By entering the necessary details and utilizing the WhatsApp Web API, you can establish a connection. This connection enables you to manage your clients’ accounts effectively and streamline your workflow.

Connecting WhatsApp Numbers

To establish a connection between WhatsApp and Go High Level, you need to access your WhatsApp account settings. By scanning the QR code displayed on the screen, you can link your WhatsApp account to the software.

Once the connection is established, your WhatsApp account will be marked as active in DML WhatsApp Integration, and the screen will turn green, indicating a successful connection.

Configuring Go High Level

In your Go High Level account, access the advanced settings and locate the SMS provider option. Replace the default SMS provider with WhatsApp to enable the functionality within Go High Level.

By saving the updated settings, your Go High Level account will be ready to send and receive WhatsApp messages in the conversations tab.

Testing the Integration

To test the integration, send a test message from your Go High Level sub account to your connected WhatsApp number. You will notice that the message appears in your connected WhatsApp account, and you can respond directly from there.

This seamless integration ensures that all communication is captured within your Go High Level account.

Additional Features:

Beyond the core integration process, DML WhatsApp Integration and Go High Level offer additional useful features.

For example, you can customize agent names, integrate OpenAI API keys, transcribe audio messages, and even utilize AI-enabled voice messages through services like Eleven Labs. These features provide flexibility and further enhance the user experience.


By following the steps outlined in the video and this blog post, you can successfully connect Safua with Go High Level sub accounts, streamline client management, and enhance communication through the power of WhatsApp integration.

This integration empowers businesses by consolidating client communication and ensuring seamless coordination between Safua and Go High Level. Start utilizing this powerful integration today and experience a new level of efficiency in your client management processes.

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